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ClassicGlas™ FiberResin Fiberglass Columns

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Our beautiful ClassicGlas™ fiberglass columns are economically priced, engineered to be simple to install, and they are ideal for building designs that call for larger column sizes.

We offer ClassicGlas™ fiberglass columns in a comprehensive selection of classically authentic column designs from the Classical Orders of Architecture. They are crafted with an entasis style taper in your choice of round or square shaft styles in a plain smooth or fluted shaft design, and they are offered in diameters from 14” to 36” and up to 24’ in overall height. In addition to our classical designs, we also offer non-tapered and contemporary designs, as well. If you need custom fiberglass columns, the economical custom manufacture of architectural fiberglass columns is our specialty. Please give us a call for an affordably priced quotation on your custom fiberglass columns.

ClassicGlas™ fiberglass columns are available load bearing, or they can be manufactured in halves for non-load bearing column cover applications. When your building design calls for both split and whole columns, you can eliminate a lot of labor expense because we can mix whole and split columns on your order to eliminate the unnecessary labor to join fiberglass column covers which are only available split in halves. To further reduce installation cost, ClassicGlas™ fiberglass columns that are split for reassembly are supplied with helpful full length alignment tabs which aid in alignment and simplify and speed up the job of rejoining of the column halves. Our exclusive tab joint system also facilitates achieving a seamless shaft, capital and base appearance after joining the column halves, unlike GFRC columns which have visible vertical, and in some cases, horizontal seams. Also, unlike GFRC columns, our impact resistant ClassicGlas™ columns have reduced column weight so they can be more easily handled on site without damage, and they can be installed with less time and expense in large column sizes.

Our ClassicGlas™ fiberglass columns are cast from our impact resistant FiberResin fiberglass composite which is impervious to insects and rot, and they are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Our capitals, bases and plinths are also cast from our durable FiberResin composite, not cheap polyurethane foam like those supplied by some other fiberglass column manufacturers.

Fluted shaft ClassicGlas fiberglass columns™ are crafted with twenty four classically authentic full depth Ionic flutes. The flutes are also designed so they correctly stop above the column base so the flutes don’t run into the base, or stop way above the base like the fluted columns supplied by other manufacturers. We also offer a selection of Greek Doric columns which feature classic Doric fluting for that Greek Revival look.

For a beautiful, easily installed, and economical fiberglass column, insist on ClassicGlas™ FiberResin fiberglass columns on your next building project. For a free consultation and quotation, please call one of our experienced fiberglass columns specialists at 800-963-3060. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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