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PlasterCast™ GRG Column Covers

Our economically priced PlasterCast GRG gypsum columns are designed for interior column applications, and are cast from glass fiber reinforced gypsum which is completely non-combustible and easy to install.

PlasterCast GRG column covers are offered in a comprehensive collection of authentic classical designs with entasis tapers, or a variety of contemporary non-tapered styles with or without banding and reveals. We can also economically build your own custom design at amazingly affordable prices. Our GRG column covers are available in diameters from 8” to 60” and in overall heights up to 40 feet. Taller columns are often shipped in lifts for easy installation.

Our GRG column covers are supplied in halves and they are non-load bearing. They are designed with tapered joints for quick and easy installation around your structural members using standard drywall tools and materials. GRG columns are also much more durable than common drywall, and are used for many types of commercial applications. GRG column covers can also be cast with smooth or textured surfaces for field application of finishes to enhance the beauty to your GRG column covers design.

In addition to our PlasterCast™ GRG columns, we also offer GRG mouldings, ceiling domes, light trays, and vaults. Whether your interior design calls for graceful contemporary contours, or authentically proportioned classical elements. PlasterCast™ GRG column covers are the ideal and economically priced column covers for your design.

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