Classic Design

In keeping with the Classic Orders of Architecture as recorded in the late 1500’s by the renowned Renaissance architect, Vignola, Melton Classics proudly presents its complete line of architecturally correct architectural wood columns. Available in matching round, square, or pilaster configurations, every element of the column, from the proportions and bowed taper (entasis) of the shaft to the fluting and carefully sculpted detail of the capital, is specifically crafted to carry on the timeless beauty and unmistaken authenticity of true Architectural Columns. Additionally, contemporary and custom columns are available upon special request.

For projects which call for quality designed and constructed authentic architectural wood columns, specify the Classic from Melton Classics.

10-Year Warranty

Melton Classics provides a 10-year limited warranty against decay and joint separation on Clear All Heart Redwood or Western Red Cedar Columns when used with fiberglass caps, bases and plinths and properly installed, ventilated and painted. For complete details of this ten-year warranty contact the company direct.



Technical Data

Tuscan | Roman Doric | Roman Doric with Attic Base | Ornamental Capitals
Plan Types, Fluting Types, and Load Bearing Capacity Chart


Each Classic™ Column shaft is constructed of the finest clear wood available as called for in the specification. The staves are glued with Type I waterproof glue, bound under pressure and allowed to cure for at least 24 hours. The rough column shaft is then precision turned with correct entasis using state-of-the-art equipment combined with the hands-on expertise of woodworking artisans. Each shaft is treated with wood preservative, hand finished, primed and carefully inspected before shipping to assure consistent quality. Shafts designated for exterior use are coated with asphaltum on the inside for waterproofing. Classic™ Column shafts may be specified either plain or fluted and are completely load bearing.


Column shafts for exterior use are available in Clear All Heart Redwood, western red cedar, pine, and a variety of other clear western wood species. Staves for column shafts are available in both solid or finger-jointed construction. For interior application, pine, poplar, mahogany, cherry, oak or virtually any commercially available wood species may be specified.

Capitals, Bases and Plinths

For exterior use, Tuscan and Roman Doric capitals, bases and plinths are available in load bearing fiberglass or redwood. Cast aluminum plinths are recommended for use with redwood bases. For interior applications, wood species to match the column shafts are available.

Made in Halves and Splined for Reassembly

For installation around structural supports, architectural columns may be manufactured in halves and splined for reassembly.


View Typical Installation Detail. Detailed installation instructions are provided. Special care must be taken by the installing contractor to ensure proper ventilation of the column shaft. Melton Classics accepts no responsibility for columns improperly ventilated or not installed in accordance with instructions. Two coats of high-quality oil-based paint should be applied to all exterior surfaces immediately following installation. If installation cannot be completed immediately upon delivery, columns must be stored in a dry, well-ventilated area.

When installing ornamental capitals, the following procedure should be followed. Prior to installation, all interior and exterior surfaces should be painted with at least two coats of high-quality oil-based paint. When ordered in combination with Melton Classic architectural wood columns, each capital is furnished with the appropriate load bearing support to transfer the load to the column shaft. All ornamental capitals for exterior use are furnished with the necessary lead flashing to complete the proper installation procedures. To prevent moisture infiltration, premium grade caulking should be applied where the capital meets the beam and rests on the column shaft.